Information to help you keep in line with requirements for your destination.


Travel Information

If you require information about which COVID-19 testing option is needed upon entry to your destination, we recommend you find all relevant information here:


PCR Testing for Travel:

Many countries now require a negative PCR swab test result with confirmation that you’re fit to fly to allow you into the country. Our PCR test checks for the presence of COVID-19 in your system.

The PCR test is the most appropriate during the earliest stages of exposure to the virus (1-11 days). The PCR test can detect COVID-19 even if someone is asymptomatic.

Our COVID-19 ‘fit to fly’ certificates can be used to provide proof of a negative result to gain entry to certain countries.

Results and certificates are obtained within 24 hours of taking the test.


Antigen Testing for Travel:

Please be aware some countries now require a negative antigen test result along with a negative PCR test result.

It is important that you inform us prior to your appointment if this is applicable to you and your destination.

The antigen test works by detecting viral surface proteins via nasal swab testing method. It is a rapid test meaning results are received within minutes.