You could be eligible for a Covid Recovery Certificate if you’ve had a positive Covid-19 test within the last 6 months but have since recovered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Covid Recovery Certificate?

A COVID-19 recovery certificate confirms that you’ve contracted COVID-19 before but have so far recovered, and you may have developed natural immunity to fight off re-infection.

How does a covid recovery certificate work?

A positive test and demonstration of recovery from Covid-19 are needed before acquiring the certificate. It’s presented during your assessment and when travelling. We will require some details from you during the assessment to ensure you are fully recovered from Covid-19.

How can I prove that I do not have covid anymore?

People who have had Covid-19 usually recover within 11 days. But if you still feel sick, the high chances are that you haven’t recovered yet. The assessment is mainly based on whatever symptoms you may have during the assessment.

What can I use a covid recovery certificate for?

A Covid Recovery Certificate is needed for some airlines, events, and visiting certain locations and countries.


I have recovered from covid but still show up as positive, can I get a recovery certificate?

Yes. The Covid Recovery Certificate is what you need. Following your recovery from Covid-19, you can still get positive test results for months. It’s advisable to have a medical evaluation if you’ve recovered but still get positive results and not exhibiting any symptoms. This will assess if you’ve completely recovered and are not able to infect others.

Who is not eligible for a covid recovery certificate?

You are not eligible for the certificate if you’ve had a positive Covid-19 test within the last 10 days or don’t fit the criteria. Upon recovery from Covid-19, you can go ahead and book an evaluation appointment with us 11 days following your last test or since the last time you had symptoms.

How will I get my certificate?

If you test negative your certificate will be emailed along with your results. Your destination country may require you to carry a print out and it is a good idea to carry several copies.

How much is a Covid Recovery Certificate?

It is £49.

Can children get a Covid Recovery Certificate?

The Covid Recovery Certificate can be issued to anyone over the age of 5.

How long after my positive test can I get a Covid Recovery Certificate?

You can get your Covid Recovery Certificate within 180 days after testing positive. However, you can’t get it within the last 11 days. Always confirm with your desired destination about the timeframes.

Can I use the Covid Recovery Certificate for travel?

Yes. The Covid Recovery Certificate is commonly used for travelling purposes. You need to confirm your airline and destination requirements prior to booking an appointment with us.